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2021 Summer Retreat  in the beautiful Nower Wood  Sat 11th Sep Nature and Nurture- 


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  • Jo (Wednesday, December 09 15 08:58 pm GMT)

    I have attending Isabel's yoga classes weekly since 2013. She is an inspiring person and teacher. Her passion and love of yoga and its practices shine through in every class. I would recommend anyone
    to come and try her classes!!

  • Visser, Milene (Wednesday, April 30 14 03:00 pm BST)

    Isabel has this natural loving careful talent and experienced techniques to teach and help find self balance to brighten, soften and elevate one's yoga practice.
    She so graciously heartly sees and watches everyone's poses as a whole, but in detail.
    She hooked me into yoga and has been teaching me to observe and see myself as well, with modesty, circulating (and exchanging) energy, filling up with light, opening, expanding, grounding,inverting,
    flying (!!) …
    Through her motivation and methods she has not only cured my fingers but also proved me I had potentials I didn't know existed.
    I thank her for all that and for the harmonious happiness feelings she so lovingly (and patiently) has been guiding me through.

  • Vladimka Hernandez (Thursday, August 29 13 03:49 am BST)

    Dear Isabel,
    I am so glad you changed the time of the morning class. Now I will be able to keep going to the best Yoga lesson I have been to!!!

  • Mia (Tuesday, August 06 13 03:34 pm BST)

    Dear Isabel, Your website is very encouraging and inspiring just like your yoga classes!

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