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About Isabel

Isabel is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and an Anusara-certified® Yoga Teacher, she shares her passion for yoga teaching in Epsom and Ewell. 


Isabel is very grateful to have embarked on the journey of yoga, immersed herself into the teachings and to be able to share them with others along the way.

She was 42 years old the first time she walked into a Hatha Yoga class, learning of the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga and staying present.

Until shortly before discovering yoga, she was not interested in any physical activities and having neither gymnastic nor dancing background, she thought the more challenging poses were impossible for ‘real people’.

Anusara™ brought to her a real transformation, an open ocean of possibilities…

Due to the Universal Principles of Alignment™ used in Anusara™ Yoga, Isabel is thankful to be able to continuously evolve and grow  both as student and teacher, and experience poses (Asanas) she would have never imagined. She has learnt and continues to study how these principles can be use to heal our own bodies.

Most of all, for Isabel yoga is a way of living, and she identifies fully with the Anusara™ philosophy:

- Celebrating life

- Everyday, looking for the good in everyone and everything

- Staying connected within ourselves. It is through this connection that we can love and express sincere love and kindness to all human beings.

She is proud to be part of the Anusara™ Community (Kula) filled with highly trained and loving caring teachers sharing their knowledge. Every class, every practice is a play (Lila) free and deep, it is both the delight and enjoyment of the present moment.

She aims to share the joy of expansion of the whole being through this empowering practice where mind, body and spirit move towards a better integration and to work to a better version of ourselves.

Isabel hopes to welcome you personally to one of her classes, the doors are open. 


Isabel was trained as a Chartered Accountant and worked for two of the big international accountancy firms. Her work took her to experience life in various countries in Europe and in North America before discovering the world of yoga. 

Deeply honored and grateful to her teachers that guided her and inspired her:

John Friend, Jayendra Hanley, Bill Mahony, BJ Galvan, Sally Kempton, Desiree Rumbaug, Chris Chavez, Sianna Sherman, Elena Brower, Tara Judelle, Ross Rayburn, Martin Kirk among others.

The training continues... Isabel regularly participates in workshops. She has so much fun in every course that she can't wait to go to the next one! Learning yoga is her passion.


Her studies in more detail:

Anusara Festival Samavesha 2015, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, US.

Retreat Desiree Rumbaug and Andrew Irwin, 2105, Paros, Greece

Retreat  Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh, Elena Brower, 2014, Nosara, Costa Rica

Anusara Workshop 2014, Jayendra Hanley, Holland

Workshop, The Bhagavad Gita, Bill Mahony, 2014, Belgium

Tantric meditation, Sally Kempton 2013, London, England

Mythic yoga flow,  Sianna Sherman 2013, London, England

Anusara Radical Freedom Teacher Workshop 2012, Tara Judelle, London, England

Anusara Therapeutics and Advanced Teacher Workshop 2012, Sianna Sherman, London, England

Anusara Teacher Training completed in 2011, Jayendra Hanley, The Hague, Holland

Anusara Full Spectrum Workshop 2011, Ross Rayburn, Brugge, Belgium

Anusara Therapy Training 2011, John Friend, Miami, USA

Anusara Anatomy Workshop 2011, Martin Kirk, Amsterdam, Holland

Anusara Advanced Teacher Seminar 2011, Ross Rayburn, London, England

Sahaja Yoga, Meditation course, 2011, Brussels, Belgium

Anusara Mix Level Workshop 2010, John Friend, Paris, France

Omega Conference, mixed styles of yoga, 2008, New York, USA

Plus lessons taken weekly from different yoga systems from 2007 in Brussels, Belgium

It is an honour to lead others to a deeper level of physical fitness and a stronger connection to their mind, body and spirit. 

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