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My Teacher Tiffany Wood is back in Epsom 23-24 Nov

Winter Retreat  in the beautiful Nower Wood  Sat 25 Jan Sankalpa- Setting an Intention for the New Year

Group Lessons

Where When Level

St Joseph Church, St Margaret Dr, Epsom KT18 7JQ, Surrey


Wednesday 9:30

to 11:00 am

All levels

Stanford Green Primary School

Christ Church Mount. KT19 8LU Epsom, Surrey


Tuesday 8 to 9:30pm

 All levels 

Stanford Green Primary School

Christ Church Mount. KT19 8LU Epsom, Surrey

Wednesday 8 to 9:30pm All levels 


First class £5, deducted from first payment when you join the term.

£9 per class when paid termly. £12 drop-in depending on availability. 

Please bring your mat and a thick blanket.

Private Lessons

Available for private lessons, either for individual or small groups. For corporate yoga (yoga at work). And why not? for yoga parties. Please enquire for details.


Private lessons is one of the more rewarding parts of teaching. Is all about helping people getting more balanced, stronger and flexible. By creating a tailor-made programs you can receive the wonderful benefits of yoga in a shorter period of time.
Why Private lessons?
If you are a beginner and the idea of a group lesson overwhelms you.
If you want to set up a home asana practice.
If you want more details of the postures/asanas .
If you want to learn one particular posture or technique. 
If you want the convenience of yoga in your own home or any other reason...



Private Yoga Class from £60 per hour

Private Bodymind Ballwork class from £75 hour.  

Advanced Yoga lessons

One Friday evening a month I will be offering an Advanced Yoga Practice. In this class there will be time to explore and practice more challenging asanas from level 1, and also levels 2 and 3 from the Anusara® curriculum; with time for meditation.
To participate in this class there is a requirement that you be able to come up into Urdvha Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose) on your own, as well as kick up in to Handstand using a wall.
The aim is to be able to move in and out of each asana with balance, a quiet mind and a firm connection to the earth, as well as actively seeking the relationship between movement and breath. By turning up the intensity, we can explore the place where our breath, mind and movement come together. This class continues to enhance strength, flexibility and grounding – it simultaneously energises and calms the body and mind.
Booking is essential. Contact me if you are up for the challenge


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