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2021 Summer Retreat  in the beautiful Nower Wood  Sat 11th Sep Nature and Nurture- 

About Anusara Yoga®

Hatha yoga is a small branch of yoga practices and Anusara is a system within Hatha Yoga. The Sanskrit word anusara translates as “to be in the flow of Nature,” “flowing with Grace,” and “to follow your heart.” Anusara Yoga® is an invitation for you to fully step into the Flow and experience all of the richness and highest possibility of your own life, to celebrate our lives as a gift of Grace.

Anusara Yoga® incorporates the application of precise bio-mechanical Universal Principles of Alignment ™ with life-affirming Shiva-Shakti Tantric-based yogic philosophy of intrinsic Goodness. It seeks to optimally align the body, mind and spirit and invites us to step into our potential and with the flow of Life itself. Anusara Yoga® is an all-inclusive yoga that welcomes diversity and encourages everyone to see the world as Shri- full of beauty, abundance and value. In honouring the Divine in all beings, we accept the world and ourselves as we are and learn to respond from a place of love and trust.

There is an emphasis on remembering the spiritual purpose of hatha yoga; which includes reconnecting with our innate goodness, power, and beauty, and expressing ourselves from that divine place. The poses in Anusara Yoga® are expressed from "inside out".

Founded by master teacher John Friend, Anusara yoga is now being taught globally by licensed teachers of the Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga™. 

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